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Join the Academy
  • Student mixers

  • Social connection

  • Personal growth

  • Recreational activities

  • Educational travel

  • Family education & outings

Membership Benefits

  • STEAM activities

  • Faith-based resources & outings

  • Youth conferences and summits

  • Signature Leadership of Excellence Program

  • Enjoyment and fun

Apply for Membership

At Day Leadership Academy, we offer an annual membership that provides access to a variety of benefits and opportunities for growth. The membership fee of $35.00 includes access to a range of free classes and activities designed to support the development of our members holistically. Additionally, we also offer specialized classes, educational travel, and workshops that may have associated costs. These paid classes provide opportunities for more in-depth learning and skill development in specific areas. Our goal is to provide a diverse range of programming to meet the needs and interests of our members while ensuring access to both free and paid options. We believe this approach allows us to offer high-quality experiences while maintaining affordability and inclusivity for all members of our community. To apply for membership, select the button below. The application process generally takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. An invoice for membership payment will be sent once the application has been processed and approved.

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